Outdoor trail walkers in the Twin Ports who utilize some of the picturesque routes near the St. Louis River will encounter some closures that might affect them for the next month of so.  The City of Duluth is letting people know about a maintenance project that is set to kick off on June 1 along the St. Louis River Trail and Valley West Trail.  Both of the routes are part of the Duluth Traverse Multi-Use Hiking and Mountain Biking Trail.

The closures on both trails will allow work crews easy access.  Those crews will be providing some needed maintenance on both of the trail routes.

City officials point out that the Upper and Lower Cathedral Multi-Use Trails will remain unaffected by this particular closure.  In addition, trailhead parking will remain open.  Visitors will encounter signage that alerts them to the closure of the affected trails.  This particular maintenance work is expected to last about a month, wrapping up near the end of June.

Additionally, one other route that was listed for closure for maintenance is now open.  Duluth officials are posting that the Lester River Trail has reopened after the work was finished.

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For complete details on the Mission Creek Trails, visit the City of Duluth's website.  They have a particular page devoted to listing the status of the St. Louis River Trail and the Lester River Trail. Additionally, you'll find an online map that outlines all of the trail routes. Additionally, the City of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Natural Surface Trails page also provides that updated information.

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