We've ALL fantasized about what we would do if we won the Powerball, right?  I mean, even if you believe that money can't buy happiness, we've all run the options through our heads.  I asked the Mix 108 staff what they would buy if they won Saturday's $550 Million Powerball drawing, and I got some pretty jacked up great answers!

Tony Hart, Afternoons:

"I love fantasizing about stuff like this, so if I won $550 million I would get the essentials out of the way first, lawyer, lawyer and lawyer and a financial advisor. After that all bets are off in my quest to live like Thurston Howell III, a massive party would be in order. Or should I say a friend and family festival, maybe on a private cruise ship to a private island? After I recover from that party it's time to settle down and have another kid or two and travel with the family and see the world via private plane and stay at ★★★★ resorts! I would have to do something productive after a while though, so I would become an angel investor in an effort to make the remaining $$ multiply."

Nick Cooper, Mornings:

"I’d add a couple more whips to my stable, take an exotic vacation, add a degree in Bagpipe Studies to my education, arrange for a nice dinner like this for my friends, and invest the remainder."

Fox David, Fill-in-guy:

"I would use the money to buy every vowel on Wheel Of Fortune and finish production on my debut album Bend Over And Smell The Roses."


I know what I would do if I won.  Like Tony, I'd get a lawyer.  Then I'd set up trust funds (not so much they wouldn't have to work--but enough to have a little fun.  A LITTLE fun) and set aside money for my kids' college education.

Next step--I'd quit.  I love my job, my co-workers, you the listeners, and everything about the radio industry, but anyone who wins that much money and says they're going to keep working for someone else punching a clock needs to relax a little.

After that, I'd buy the most bad-ass RV money can buy.  I'd drive to the 49 states I can reach by land, then take a flight to Hawaii. Seeing every landmark you possibly can in each as well.  On my way through the country I'd find charities I'm passionate about in each state and donate some money.  It sounds exhausting, so I'd have to take a few vacations here and there on a tropical island.  That I bought.

After the journey is complete, I'd buy a big cabin on Lake Vermilion so my husband can fish every day and I can read.  Or write.  Or...who cares?  I wouldn't have to do ANYTHING!

I must go buy my ticket now.  If I don't show up on Monday morning...you know why. :)




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