A woman was stabbed Monday night in the central hillside neighborhood of Duluth. Charges are currently pending for a female who has not been located.

What is wrong with people? There is no word on what exactly happened, but whatever went down, it ended with a knife. Luckily the injuries to the stabbing victim wasn't severe, but what the heck. Maybe the suspect was watching too much 'Orange Is The New Black' and carries a shank on her wherever she goes.

It just baffles me when I hear stories like this. According to WDIO, the victim and suspect know each other! Which makes it worse in my opinion. Never in my life have I been so upset with someone that I thought "I'm gonna stab this person". The DPD say assault charges are pending for a 52-year-old female suspect and I hope they find her soon.

Stay classy Duluth.

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