State Senator Matt Little recently filmed a TikTok video dancing around a tree to Justin Timberlakes song "Suit and Tie" to promote his campaign. The 35 year old Lakeville resident knows how popular the Tik Tok App is and is trying to reach out to a young demographic. Although I must say there are people of all ages and all walks of life on Tik Tok including myself.

Although Tik Tok is famous for it's dance videos and comedy many videos now are around political messages and social issues. Many politicians in the past have reached out on Facebook and Twitter but someone like Little is one of a few to take advantage of this media source.

Little who is a lawyer and in his first term in the Legislature has more than 130,000 followers and the DFL legislator is pretty sure he might be the most followed politician on the app.

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Little said to the Start Tribune "I've always had this methodology or goal that I could speak to people of all ages, on whatever platform they wanted to speak to me on. It started when I was on the City Council 10 years ago. If someone wrote me a letter, I wrote them a letter; give me a call, I give them a call." Even though the format is a little different he does try to respond back to as many people as he can.

In his videos Little makes jokes about campaigning when it is hot outside and shows  his St. Paul Office. He also uses the app to offer advice to younger people who are interested in a career in politics and to organize events. Recently Little asked for money for his campaign for the first time through Tik Tok and raised almost $3,500 from his followers using Venmo which is a mobile payment app.

I give him a lot of credit for using this App he is at an age where he get's it versus some older politicians who may not feel as comfortable making these videos . If Tik Tok sticks around get ready to be inundated with more politicians trying to get their names out there, but we all know the beauty is you can always swipe up to the next video.

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