Chad Rochon has just finished up his senior project that he calls "Socks For Randy." His family helped a homeless man get back on his feet in 2017, and Chad quickly learned how big of an issue homeless people have with foot care. Randy had bad foot problems that troubled him, so Chad made it his mission for his senior project to help out homeless people get one of the most needed items: socks.  Randy had turned his life around but sadly passed away from cancer last year. Chad wanted to honor Randy's memory, and I can't think of a better way.

In Chad's project he highlighted the fact that 8 out of every 10,000 people in Wisconsin are homeless. Many of those people's only way to get around is by their own feet, and socks are one of the most needed items at shelters. Unfortunately, they are one of the least donated items.

Chad sent out letters to businesses, family, and friends asking for help with donations for his project. His goal was to stuff bags full of things for foot care including socks, toe nail clippers, band aids, antibacterial cream, and some treats like granola bars. Bombas socks donated socks for the project. It's also worth mentioning that Bombas donates a pair of socks for every one sold.

By the time he was done he stuffed 50 bags for the homeless and raised $1,000. Of that money he used $400 to purchase the items for the care packages. He gave the remaining $600 to Harbor House that helps with homeless families.

Now as Chad graduates from Superior High School he vows to continue to volunteer and help the homeless in the future. Way to go, Chad. You're an inspiration.





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