Rocketman star Taron Egerton is reported to play the lead role in Jon S. Baird's upcoming film Tetris. Before you start fearing a second coming of Pixels, rest assured — Tetris has very little to do with the actual playing of the video game itself. Egerton will play Henk Rogers, the Dutch-born video game entrepreneur who got embroiled in a legal battle with a Soviet computer programming agency over the game of Tetris.

As the Nintendo Game Boy game raked in millions in the late 1980s, Rogers hadn't made a single pound. Essentially, the movie is about Rogers' quest to secure the game’s intellectual property rights for both himself and its creator Alexey Pajitnov. This sounds more like The Social Network than it does Sonic the Hedgehog. News of Egerton's casting officially dropped on Twitter last Thursday:

According to Daily Mail reporter Baz Bamigboye, production is slated to start in September with a full set of safety precautions in place. Tetris will be produced by Leonard Blavatnik and Matthew Vaughn. The rest of the cast has yet to be announced.

When approached with care, historical dramas in this vein tend to do very well. Of course, it’s unlikely this movie will be straight fact. Creative liberties will most likely be taken to raise the stakes just a little higher. The Cold War aspect to Tetris will most likely play a big part as well. Who knew such a compact little video game had such a rich backstory?

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