Ah yes, the majestic land of 10,000 lakes, even though their are actually more than that. I have lived here so long that I have slowly developed the long drawn out Oh sound when I talk, but I love It!

I came across a list of little know facts about Minnesota and picked my ten favorites. How many did you know already?

  1. Minnesota has one recreational boat per every six people.
  2. Minnesota started the "Bus Industry" with Greyhound.
  3. Minnesota manufactured the first Armored Cars.
  4. Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined.
  5. Southdale,  in Edina was the first climate controlled indoor mall in the United States.
  6. The Minneapolis Skyway System is the longest in the world
  7. The American version of a puffed rice cake was invented by a man in Minnesota.
  8. Minneapolis is the nations third most literate city.
  9. Minneapolis has the most golfers per capita of any U.S. City
  10. On February 9th 1895 the first Intercollegiate Basketball game was held in Minnesota.