Superior city officials and citizens alike agreed that this year the 4th of July celebrations will be back in full force just like in years past. Jim Paine the Mayor of Superior said " I think we’re going to go 100% on the Fourth of July, Fireworks, the car show, big events on the island — everything. We need a party."

This announcements comes on the heels of Duluth also bringing back it fireworks display at Bayfront Festival park. Although as of right now there is still a restriction on the number of people that will be allowed in the park. Surely for both cities these decisions were not made on a whim, with lots of discussions in the process to make sure everyone remains safe.

Of course if plans change or events need to be canceled for whatever reason, at least things were planned to begin with said one of the 4th of July chairmen  The Superior 4th of July Parade is definitely one of the biggest in the area drawing people from all areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Unfortunately last year one of the parade committees longest serving members of 22 years David Stannard had passed away, so this year the parade will be dedicated to him.

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Major Jim Paine said to Superior Telegraph:

Coronavirus numbers have plateaued a little bit. They really have plunged in the last few months, especially with vaccines. Vaccines are just climbing by the day. Plus, we have no evidence that outdoor activity really spreads coronavirus now. The president of the United States is saying we could be looking at a normal Fourth of July.

I am so happy to see some of these events returning to the area! It definitely is a boost for everyone's mental health to help us focus on a positive future with hopefully the pandemic becoming just a distant memory. The ever popular car show is returning to Tower Avenue this year and of course there will be live bands performing through out the day as well. For more information click on the 4th of July website which has not yet been updated!

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