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On this date in 1847 a Sea Captain named Hanson Gregory perfected what we know as the modern day donut. Gregory did not come up with the concept of frying dough, sometimes called a olykoek or 'oily cake", but he was the first to poke a hole in it and call it a donut. This man is a hero to me, I love him. I have scoured the internet to find these 5 awesome donut videos so we can celebrate this wonderful day in history.



Stop Motion Animation Donut

The YouTube user who made this video claims it's made from 2500 pictures and took 10 days to produce and I believe him, but I hope no donuts were harmed or wasted in the production of this video, that would be a shame.

The Jelly Donut From 'Full Metal Jacket'

This next donut video comes from the movie 'Full Metal Jacket' when Gny. Sgt. Hartman finds a jelly donut in Pvt. Pyles foot locker, what happens next is the best donut scene in movie history. NSFW Language.

The Swedish Chef From The Muppet's Makes Donuts

I always loved the Swedish Chef from The Muppet's and now I love him even more for getting all 'Dirty Harry' with his donut making skills, "Go ahead donut, make my day"! Bork, Bork Bork....

The Donut Bacon Egg Burger

Paula Deen on the Food Network shocks even me with this Franken-donut creation with 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, an egg, bacon and a hamburger pattie. Am I "Game or Lame"? Answer? Game!! Bring it on!

Time to Make The Donuts

One of the most famous advertising lines of all time is from the 80's TV commercials for Dunkin Donuts where Fred the Baker delivers the classic line "Time to Make the Donuts", I agree Fred.