When tourists flock to Duluth one place that many people have heard is a must place to stop is the famous Portland Malt Shoppe at 716 East Superior Street in Duluth. Nestled on the banks high above Lake Superior along with other historic buildings along  Superior street this beautiful stand alone landmark is home to pure bliss.

The Portland Malt Shoppe is typically open from April through October and I am always so sad when they are getting ready to close because I have to wait again to get my chocolate malt and also winter is right around the corner. Whether you are craving one of their delicious malts or ice cream you will walk away satisfied. The parking lot is tiny and takes some maneuvering, but you can always park on the street or come up from the Lakewalk which many people do.

The staff are always so warm and friendly and according to their FACEBOOK PAGE they are looking for some happy talented individuals who would like to be Ice Cream Servers this season. One thing I do believe is that The Portland Malt Shoppe is one of the original places that selfies and taking pictures of your food originated! Smiles, great views and great ice cream why would you not want to capture that memory?

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