A streak that began in early January has finally come to an end. As we shared a couple weeks ago, we've been seeing a streak of days in Duluth with temperatures not reaching the freezing point since January 8, 2019. That streak finally came to a close on Friday, with an official temperature of 32 degrees being hit at 4:24 pm.

That gave us a grand total of 58 consecutive days with no temperature above freezing, which has some historical significance. It happens to be the 6th longest streak of days with temperatures staying below freezing ever recorded in Duluth. Had we finished Friday without seeing 32 degrees, we would have been in a 4-way tie for third place all-time.

For folks that like to shoot for records, second and first place would have been pretty tough to reach this time of year. With the sun getting higher in the sky and the days getting longer, March tends to see plenty days above 32 degrees. In order to have gotten to top all-time territory, we would have needed to make the following milestones:

  • Claim 3rd place all-time - hit 60 days, which would have been ending the day on March 9 without hitting 32 degrees
  • Tie for 2nd place all-time - hit 72 days, which would have meant going through March 21 without hitting 32 degrees
  • Claim 2nd place all-time - hit 73 days, going through March 22 without hitting 32 degrees
  • Tie for 1st place all-time - reach 76 days, going through March 25 without hitting 32 degrees
  • Claim 1st place all-time - get to 77 days, getting through March 25 without hitting 32 degrees

The National Weather Service shared the news of the streak being broken with a celebratory tweet on Friday afternoon.

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