About 40 cast and crew members have been shooting around town in Ely the past two weeks for an Independent film called "Nobody's Son."

According to The Ely Echo Brian Anthony Austin, a Babbit High School Grad was the writer of the project. Apparently he started writing the script years ago when he was in film school, and later with the help of a professional script writer was able to add more to it. The premise of the movie is about a boy who moves from an urban setting to a small town and Ely fit the bill perfectly for the shoot.

Many Ely locals made cameos in the film and hopefully will be part of the finished product. Some of the areas where filming took place were the hospital and Ely High School. Besides the general excitement of having a movie crew in town is the financial boost for the area. Post production will be done in Minneapolis, and hopefully will be on the big screen someday.


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