Congratulations to Ely Minnesota for being voted as one of the Best Towns for Outdoor Thrills by National Geographic.

The competition was fierce competing against places all over the world, so this is quite the accomplishment. Of course the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the crown jewel of the quaint small town, with over a million acres of wilderness. Of course this area is for hard core campers and is not for city slickers like me, but If you have the right equipment and tips from some local tour guides you should be fine.

I have been to Ely a few times with a dear friend of mine who is from Ely and I remember one time sitting in a restaurant watching people walking out of the woods. I freaked out and yelled to him who are those people and where are they coming from? He laughed hard and said they are coming out of the woods from the Boundary Waters. I was baffled.

This is a great escape anytime of the year with great outdoor activities all year long, and great little shops that beams small town charm. Plus with the wolf and bear centers you can get up close with nature that surrounds this beautiful town. Oh and also actress Jessica Beal/ Mrs. Justin Timberlake was born in Ely too.