November just started, but it is going to feel more like December to kick off the new month. The Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service shared graphics on Friday from the Climate Prediction Center, showing more cold ahead.

The CPC's predictions, as the Twin Cities NWS tweeted, "don't look very hopeful for warm weather in our region" as we move into November.

Specifically this week, the forecast is showing temperatures more than 10 degrees colder than average for the whole week, with overnight lows on top of the hill in Duluth creeping to within a few degrees of single-digit temperatures midweek this week.

  • Sunday: 39/32 (high/low)
  • Monday: 38/18
  • Tuesday: 30/23
  • Wednesday: 27/13
  • Thursday: 24/15
  • Friday: 30/21
  • Saturday: 34/26

In Superior, we'll see similar temps, getting a little too close to single digits for comfort midweek.

  • Sunday: 41/31 (high/low)
  • Monday: 39/18
  • Tuesday: 31/22
  • Wednesday: 29/13
  • Thursday: 26/14
  • Friday: 32/20
  • Saturday: 36/25

Temperatures like we'll see midweek this week are more akin to what we see in December, rather than the beginning of November.

Some areas outside of the Twin Ports could see single digit temperatures midweek. A quick survey of forecasts across the region show temperatures forecasted to sink as low as 8 degrees overnight Wednesday in areas like Hibbing, Finland, and Brimson.

If you have been dragging your feet on digging out your winter coat hoping we'll see a warmup, it might be time to finally just come to grips with cold temps not going anywhere for awhile.


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