I am admittedly a good sleeper, in that I can sleep through pretty much anything.  Here is where the problem lies, my alarm is set for 4:30 am every weekday. But I must say that I am not a morning person....ha ha great choice of jobs huh...and so I really struggle to get up.

I truly envy people who can pop right up as soon as the alarm goes off....I like to hit the snooze and lay back down for another precious 5 minutes of sleep. :) I have heard many theories about how that is bad for you because you just starts to relax and the alarm is a shock to your body.

I am just calling it pure laziness,  and I have that down to a tee. Part of the solution is going to bed earlier, but you know what? At times I want to feel like I am not still a kid anymore and have to go to bed when all the grownups are still awake!