As we are getting closer on celebrating a brand new year, let's look back on what was the most popular videos in Duluth in 2016. From crazy storms to making ice cream, here are the top 5.


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    Duluth Minnesota. Great Lakes. Waterfalls.

    A Man from Russia visited Duluth Last December and decided to film his Duluth adventures. I can't understand a word he says, but that's when Google translator comes in handy. With almost 14,000 views, this lovable Russian comes in at 5th for the most viewed for this year.

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    March Storm on Lake Superior (extended version)

    Coming in with with a little over 25,000 views, a photographer took advantage during a storm this past March and took some footage of Mother Nature doing what she does best. I love looking at footage of whether in Duluth and especially watching the Lake Superior raves crashing on shore.

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    Stormy Entry - Duluth - Algoma Guardian

    Another storm related entry, with about 38,000 views is the Algoma Guardian battling the crazy July storm as it enters the Duluth Harbor.

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    The MIX Crew Learns How To Make Hand Dipped Cones at Dairy Queen

    Coming in at second with over 500,000 views is when we went over to Dairy Queen to make hand dipped cones. I'm not sure why this video got so many views, I guess people love ice cream. If you look closely at the DQ sign outside, you can see how my cousin asked his girlfriend to prom.

  • 1

    Lake Superior Ice Stacking (Feb. 13, 2016)

    RadiantSpiritGallery making the top 5 again, this time with over a million views. This video of ice stacking on Lake Superior is completely memorizing and was even picked up by the Weather Channel, which definitely helped with the amount of views.