On Monday of this week, Target had another big announcement. Not only are they offering Black Friday deals early this year, and have some holiday bargains in October, but they are also adding Tupperware to be sold in their stores nationwide and on Target.com.

Tupperware has been around for over 75 years and its latest models of food storage cover pretty much every size, shape, and color you can imagine. It has never gone away but now may get a boost in popularity by being sold through the retail giant. Sure, there are cheaper versions of food storage containers but with care these last for years.

I think we all have memories of our moms standing in the doorway yelling to us don't forget to bring my Tupperware back when you are done. At least my mom treated it like it was gold. If I ever took any type of Tupperware to school I was more attentive about hanging on to it more than my retainer, which yes, I did lose on a regular basis.

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So what is happening at Target?  In a LinkedIn post reported on by KARE11, Tupperware CEO Miguel Fernandez said:

I’m proud to lead a company whose standards have never wavered in a long, lasting legacy; a company synonymous with durability and trust; a company committed to continued reinvention. The curated product selection at Target exemplifies what I love best about the Tupperware brand – and I couldn’t be more excited that more people than ever get to add them to their lives.

Again it is not cheap at $7.99 for single containers and up to $79.99 for the entire Tupperware Heritage collection. But as the old saying goes you get what you pay for, and now it is more convenient than ever to buy it in person or online.

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