There's an effort underway to show unity, hope, and healing across the state of Minnesota this Friday. The Minnesota Broadcasters Association are promoting a statewide gesture of unity with the Night of Light on this Friday, June 5th.

Here's how you can participate. This Friday night turn your porch lights on at 10pm. They also ask you to turn the headlights on in your car in the driveway. The MBA says the reason for the Night The Light is to show neighbors and the world that we care about one another and are looking to move forward in a positive and united way.

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The idea to light up porches in solidarity was originally meant for the Twin Cities area, but the MInnesota Broadcasters Association wanted to see it go statewide, since the entire state and country is dealing with strange, difficult times. I had a chance to talk with President of the MBA Wendy Paulson and she had this to say:

Minnesota’s broadcasters proudly serve the role of the sound of our communities.  Twin Cities Night of Light is a symbol, a unifying way for our communities to show support for one another and get one step closer to healing.

The Twin Cities has been in turmoil since the death of George Floyd and subsequent riots. It has been a very trying time in Minnesota.

Governor Tim Walz recently reiterated his vision for One Minnesota which is promoting inclusion and equity among residents in the state regardless of race, religion, or gender. A great way to show unity is by coming together and turning on your porch lights at 10pm on Friday June 5th.

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