There are lots of restaurants in the Twin Ports but none can compare to the food that Tony O'Neil makes with his signature JamRock Cultural Restaurant dishes. For about a year Tony had a mobile grill set up at Spurs on 1st in Duluth serving up Jamaican Cuisine then the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and the bars temporarily shut down.

Tony then decided he would prepare and sell the food out of his home in Superior two days a week. Some of the items he made were jerk chicken and seafood, with sides like garlic butter rice or creamy smoke Gouda mac and cheese. His loyal customers followed with cars lined up around the block.

Last week O'Neil temporarily moved his business to the Superior Business Center, 1423 N 8th St.and people stood in line for hours to take home a plate. Some people actually set up chairs to wait in line for his signature dishes.

Mollie Tomonovich a Manager at 7 West in Superior said to Duluth News Tribune " The food is great, but so is the chef. His food is made with love, and it is so good and he is genuinely a good person. You can tell he’s not making this food to make money. He makes it because he’s good at it and he loves it. And he has fun with it. When he cooked outside of Spurs he always had his speaker going, he’s nice to everyone. He’s done fundraisers for people."

O’Neil is planning another Superior move. JamRock Cultural Restaurant is partnering with Average Joe’s Pub to offer Jamaican dishes out of the site’s commercial kitchen beginning July 8. O'Neil said to the Duluth News Tribune "I didn’t think doors would open that fast. I figured I would have to knock them down, but they’ve all been opening in a great way, a positive way. The fact that I leveled up during the middle of a pandemic has been awesome.”

For more information about Tony and his restaurant click here

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