Vets have issued a warning to all cat owners about the beautiful pink Himalayan salt lamps that so many people use, they are very dangerous to cats and even deadly. Those large lumps of rock are incredibly tempting for cats to lick, which can lead to sodium poisoning, which can cause pain, vomiting, seizures, and even death.

A woman in New Zealand had one and she did not realize that her cat had licked it and became violently ill. Veterinarians in her hometown ran tests and discovered that her cat Ruby had an extremely high level of sodium in her blood which had caused her brain to swell and major neurological problems.

Thankfully the veterinarians were able to give her IV medications to get her blood back to normal levels and after a few days her neurological signs returned to normal as well  and she was able to go home. Ruby still has a long recovery ahead but thanks to the quick action of the Vets she is alive.

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Apparently these lamps become addictive to cats and they will lick it more than the initial time. Salt is very toxic to dogs and cats so pet owners should be aware not to give their animals any type of salty treats and if you insist on having one of those lamps keep it out of reach from your pets especially cats. For more on this story click here.



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