Is there a time that pizza doesn't sound good? The answer is no! It always sounds good and that is why the more pizza places we have, the merrier. A new pizza shop is opening in Duluth and soon.

If you've driven along Central Entrance lately, you probably know that a second Vitta Pizza location is opening soon. It has been in the process of being built and has slowly taken shape over the past few months.

It will be complete with a drive-thru window for those that don't want to get out of the car and is in a convenient location. It was back in October of last year that this second location was announced.

Vitta Pizza's original location is in the heart of Canal Park. At the time that the owners announced the new and additional location, they were aiming to open sometime in the spring. Spring has come and gone but an opening date may not be far away!

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On Tuesday (October 18th), owners of Vitta Pizza shared a soft opening date, along with the information that they were hiring. According to their post, they will be opening sometime in early November. This is a sentiment they also shared in a recent Instagram post.

We will keep you updated on an exact opening date but for now, just know that the new store will for sure be open sometime in November, which means we don't have too much longer to wait.

The new location will be at 23 West Central Entrance. The building has bright accents so you can't miss it! In the meantime, you can visit the Canal Park location, which will remain open for business along with the new location.

Vitta Pizza serves Neapolitan and wood-fired pizza. They also have salad on the menu, along with breadsticks, specialty offerings, ice cream and wine. Neapolitan pizza, by the way, is made with mozzarella cheese. Delicious!

Speaking of pizza, did you see this viral tweet from a Wisconsin resident? It was taken in a Milwaukee grocery store, involves frozen pizza and went viral online for the absolute best reason.

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