The Wendy's On London Road in Duluth and Cloquet have shut their doors for good.Fox 21 reports that according to the Wendy's Manager on London Road "a local Burger King franchisee has purchased both of the locations." The Miller Hill Mall Wendy's will remain open.

Employees at both locations will have the opportunity to work at the new Burger KIng at either location once they are open. Both locations expect the new Burger Kings to be up and running in about 12 weeks.

So I have 2 questions here. !.) Whatever happened to the plans to build a Taco Bell in that general area. 2.) If they keep that same Wendy's building on London Road they are going to need to remodel that place down to the studs. I have eaten their on and off for years and the staff are awesome and the service is top notch, but that building is super outdated.


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