First off Congratulations and Thank You for registering for the Annual Minnesota Polar Bear Plunge, you and so many others are making a huge difference in the lives of these amazing athletes. Second, you need to be prepared, and I am here for you. :)

I have participated in quite a few plunges over the year and so I feel it is my duty to pass this info. on to new plungers.

What to bring:


-Comfy warm clothes that are easy to change into!

-Big plastic bag to put wet clothes in

- Something that zips-duffle bag/back pack for all your belongings

-Water shoes/old tennis shoes

What to Expect:

-First thing make sure you are registered for the Plunge!

-Make sure you have all your belongings in one big zipped bag and keep it by you at your table at all times or leave out in your car until you board the shuttle.

-If you do not wear your plunge clothes down to the site, you can change in one of several changing tents.


-You may have to wait in line before you plunge, they do hustle people through as fast as possible, but be prepared. Please have all the members of your group together so you can be in and out of the water.

-For the actual plunge be aware that the water may be over your head but not super deep around 6-8 fee, but of course closer to the shore it will be shallow.Smile, wave and Jump!

-After you plunge make sure you use the changing tents before you get back on the shuttle, you will not be able to change at Grandmas Sports Garden.

-Congratulations you did it! Now it's time to hang out at the Sports Garden and Celebrate!