Sixteen-year-old New York City student and music newcomer Whitney Woerz tackles the pitfalls of performative perfection, particularly in pop music, on her infectious debut single, "Idea of Her."

A powerful anthem about the faux personas we create and the unrealistic expectations that fuel them, "Idea of Her" is purposeful pop delivered by a refreshingly earnest new voice. Garnering nearly one million views in its first week, the video for the bright, synthy track showcases Woerz's inner self and projected self at odds: while her true self is trapped and frustrated, aching to break free, her projected self, a vision of "bubblegum" perfection, becomes more and more miserable as she strives to please others and reach impossible ideals.

Premiering exclusive on PopCrush, Woerz takes us behind the scenes of the "Idea of Her" video in an exclusive clip that reveals the making of the video, interviews with the crew and more.

"Shooting the music video for 'Idea of Her' was one of the best experiences I've ever had," the artist tells us. "It was so much fun playing two totally contrasting characters and making the vision of 'what you see on the outside isn't always what's within' come alive."

Watch the behind-the-scenes video, below:

Woerz's debut EP, Iridescent, is due out this summer.

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