The upcoming winter 2018/2019 season forecast for the Upper Midwest has been released by the folks at the Old Farmer's Almanac. The Old Farmer's Almanac is often thought of by many as a pretty accurate long-range forecasting outlet, with the publication boasting of a nearly 80% accuracy rating - though last year's projections weren't the most accurate.

The outlook for last winter was average temperatures and plenty of snow. The reality is that we saw an extended stretch of excessively cold weather, and aside from a handful of bigger storms, didn't see as much snow as the publication made it sound we would.

So, how do thing sound for this year according their forecast?

In short, they're calling for warmer and drier conditions than average. Of course, the phrase "warmer" is relative in Northern Minnesota in the winter months, but this forecast actually fits fairly well with what the National Weather Service and NOAA are suggesting.

It has been reported that there is a likelihood of an El Niño pattern developing that could impact this winter's weather. During El Niño years, the exact weather pattern described by The Old Farmer's Almanac for this winter often happens. Usually Minnesota sees milder temperatures and less precipitation.

While all of that may be good news for those that hate excessive cold and blizzards, it doesn't bode so well for fans of winter sports and activities. In the end, time will tell how accurate this forecast is, but two different outlets (one scientific, the other not so much) are pointing to a similar outcome for this winter season.

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