Two Republican Lawmakers are circulating a bill that would hold adults accountable for underage drinking in the home.

As the law in Wisconsin currently stands it is prohibited for an adult to allow underage drinking on premises that they own or while under their control, but this only applies to licensed establishments such as liquor stores and bars.

This current proposal would apply to an adults personal property and.or home, apparently this same type of bill was proposed in 2013 but failed. Having grown up in Wisconsin where obviously liquor laws are more relaxed than MInnesota, I do not ever remember an adult being present at a party where minors were consuming alcohol. This to me would be common sense, and as a parent of teenagers I can promise you that I would never allow any consumption of alcohol to happen in our house while I was there.

I understand that teens will drink and for some parents they would rather have the kids be at home under a watchful eye, but what about the other kids that may be there, do you want the responsibility of making sure they do not drink and drive, or even if you bring them home who says they will stay put and sleep it off?

Obviously parents or guardians need to be responsible for their own kids, but you as a parent need to have your head on a swivel at all times, especially when you have teenagers. Yes they are going to test boundaries and you can't be everywhere all the time, but keep the lines of communication open with them and let them know that they can call you if they need a ride.

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