The last half of the summer season is upon us and that means that people are trying to squeeze in as much fun and celebration as possible before it's over.  But if that celebrating involves alcohol - you'll want to plan ahead or reconsider your way home.

The Wisconsin State Patrol has embarked on an extra-patrol campaign to bring awareness to and help curb drunk driving.  They're calling it #DriveSoberOrGetPulledOver - and have added patrols that will be on Wisconsin highways now through Labor Day.

It's part of the State Patrol's larger campaign towards "Zero In Wisconsin" - meaning that their goal is for zero road-related deaths. Their slogan "Together we can save lives" helps to spread the message.

Law enforcement officials with the Wisconsin State Patrol are encouraging drivers to not risk an Operating While Intoxicated violation.  Along with the added manpower and high-visibility patrols on state highways during the campaign, they're also taking to social media in a variety of different forms to spread the message.


Officials provide the advice:  "If you suspect an impaired driver, safely gather as much info as you can about the vehicle, driver, and location.  Then call 911".  And if you are in a situation where you have consumed alcohol, don't get behind the wheel.  Have someone else drive your vehicle home or obtain a taxi ride.  The best plan of action has you thinking ahead before you imbibe.

According to details shared on the Wisconsin State Patrol website, "[d]runk driving continues to be one of the deadliest crimes in Wisconsin".

The #DriveSoberOfGetPulledOver campaign with the Wisconsin State Patrol runs through September 5.

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