I have been seeing ads popping up for the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District or WLSSD.  One is them reminding the public that toilet paper is flushable, however you shouldn't be flushing wipes, tissues, or paper towels.

This is important to remember as we continue to practice social distancing.  It means more time in our homes and potential clogs and issues are not going to make that home time more pleasant.  It's also a good reminder to think of the crews with WLSSD and the City of Duluth who are still out there working after being deemed "essential".  Yes, they get paid, and yes, it's their job, but it doesn't mean unclogging things is fun for them.  I have one friend in particular who works for Duluth and he said it's been a big problem, especially this year.

Just some things to think about.  To find out more about what WLSSD has going on and which of their services have changed hours and such, check them out here.

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