Best Easter Candy Ever? A: Peeps
I love Peeps, yes I do, I love Peeps how 'bout you? I think that this could catch on as a great new Easter cheer don't you? I love the fact that Peeps are still going strong, as evidenced by Easter in our house yesterday, as I was surrounded by a group of kids. We had a very serious conver…
10 Awesome Videos of Marshmallow Peep Torture
Whether you’re a devout church-goer or just someone who enjoys hunting for eggs way too much, there is one Easter tradition that can bring all of humanity together: Marshmallow Peeps. These colorful blobs of gooey, cute deliciousness have stolen the hearts and minds of every future d…
Shocking Ingredient in Peeps the Label Doesn’t Tell You!
Peeps, the squishy, playful, marshmallow candy have a strange connection to pigs: they contain a pork-derived gelatin!
That’s not a big deal for everyone… except those on vegan, vegetarian, or kosher diets.
Nutritional information is readily available on their website, but peopl…
Who Ate One Of My Peeps ?
Here is the deal. I have an unhealthy obsession with Peeps, and this time of year I am in heaven.  Yes I know they are available most of the year, but that is not the point :)
I Love Peeps
In case you missed it this morning, I put myself to the challenge to see how many peeps i could shove in my mouth at one time.  Umm yeah thank goodness i bought 2 packages ....32 peeps in all. The grand total was 6. It was a lot tougher then I thought...
Celebrate Easter with This Peep Video Marathon [VIDEOS]
Easter is coming, and that means the ceremonial Unwrapping of the Peeps should begin around now(-ish). What, you weren't thinking of eating them fresh, were you? That's un-American.
After the jump, a bunch of Peep-related videos for your squishy enjoyment.