American Legion Baseball has been in existence in Minnesota since 1923, but this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there will be no baseball at all.  The state's executive committee and Minnesota American Legion Commander Mark Dvorak, made the decision on Saturday.

The decision to cancel was made via a virtual meeting and it was decided ti would be to much of a risk to players, coaches umpires and fans. Director of Minnesota American Legion Baseball Randy Schaub said to Bring Me The News "Safety has always been important in American Legion Baseball. As much as we wanted to play this year, we cannot take chances with the players, coaches and fans we oversee.”

Minnesota boasts the largest group of American Legion Teams in the country with 366 across the state. The first state tournament started back in 1926 and Minnesota was only 1 of three states to hold tournaments every year.

Minnesota American Legion Commander Mark Dvorak said to Bring Me The News "It was a difficult decision that affects many young people and their parents. The American Legion is a major proponent of the sport of baseball, and we hope to return even stronger in 2021.”

This Summer will indeed be very different with baseball fields all over the area empty, But with everything this Pandemic has done it has definitely taught us to appreciate things we took for granted like playing or watching a baseball game. Going to see friends and family, going out to eat or standing less than 6 feet from someone else.  But this time next year we will look back on how life was and hopefully be even more appreciative.

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