If you can't stop singing Andy Grammer's addictive new single, 'Back Home,' then you're going to be all about the acoustic version of the track. And lucky for you, we have the exclusive premiere of Grammer's 'Back Home' acoustic video -- just in time for the release of his brand-new album, 'Magazines or Novels'!

For a true singer-songwriter and musician like Grammer, he shines in the intimate, acoustic setting, as evidenced in the black-and-white video for 'Back Home' acoustic. While the stripped-down version of the song boasts the same heartfelt lyrics and strong vocals as the original, there's no doubt that Grammar really steals the spotlight in the acoustic video, allowing fans to see the passion in his performance and hear the emotion in his voice -- something he fully intended on doing with his sophomore album.

"The first album for me was more of an introduction and this album is a bit more how good friends would talk, sharing more and being a little bit more honest with myself and my fans," Grammer tells PopCrush.

Check out Andy Grammer's 'Back Home' music video above, and be sure to pick up his highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Magazines or Novels,' which drops today!

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