Ariana Grande's latest single, "No Tears Left to Cry," is tearing up the charts but it appears the singer is gearing up to release a new song.

On Saturday (April 28), Grande hopped on Twitter and simply tweeted the letters "r.e.m." upside down. The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot on her Instagram Story of the Google definition of REM sleep, which is "characterized by rapid eye movements, more dreaming and bodily movement, and faster pulse and breathing."

The posts were later followed by more tweets, which appeared to be lyrics from the upcoming song. "Last night ..... boy i met you ... yea ..... when i was sleeeeeeep ... you're such a dream to me," reads one tweet. "And it was on a day like this ... yeah ... if you can belieeeeve ... if you can believe ... you're such a dream to me," reads another tweet.

While a release date for the song hasn't been revealed yet, Grande did reply to a fan who got a little too ahead of themselves and claimed the song would release on May 1. "Not quite yet," the singer tweeted. "U know i can't resisssst sum times. i love u."

Up next for Grande, the singer will be appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 1, where she will star as the show's guest for the entire episode. According to the episode preview, Grande will participate in comedy sketches, an interview, "a few surprises" and perform "No Tears Left to Cry" for the first time on television.

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