The ice cream mad scientists at the Bridgeman's Restaurant in Duluth has just outdone themselves with these latest additions to their Mega Malt lineup.

Back in June, they announced their summer Mega Malt lineup which includes a birthday cake flavored malt, S’mores malt, blueberry waffle cone called the 10,000 lakes, and the ‘Merica malt, with the addition of these two new mega malts, the ‘Merica malt and the 10,000 lakes malts will be put in the vault.

New to the lineup is a malt for peanut butter lovers and those who admire cheesecake, these are available now along the S’mores malt and the birthday cake flavored Let’s Celebrate malt.

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Chocolate PB Bliss

This new mega malt will satisfy all your peanut butter cravings, and then some, it's a  chocolate peanut butter malt topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Pieces, a Nutty Buddy bar, and some whipped cream.

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Park Point Mega Malt

This unique malt is named for one of the most beautiful spots in Duluth and the malt itself is quite beautiful, looking like Lake Superior on the bottom and the sand beaches of Park Point on the top. It's a blueberry cheesecake malt topped with graham cracker sand on whipped cream, a flip-flop lollipop, a beach rubber ducky, and a pai of Bridgeman’s sunglasses.

Bridgeman's Restaurant - Duluth
Bridgeman's Restaurant - Duluth

These mega mals are only available for a limited time, and I'm sure the gang over at Bridgeman's has some new creations being conjured up in their ice cream laboratory ready to be added to the menu.

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