Frost River and Hippy Feet have come together to create custom socks and stopped by Lifehouse setting up pop-up employment where homeless youths age 16-24 years old were hired to package them and give them a temporary job.

Michael Mader, Founder of Hippy Feet said “We have a mission to provide jobs to young people experiencing homelessness, so we focus on youth ages 16-24 that have been affected by homelessness and provide them with temporary income and temporary employment."

Sam Harper, Co-Founder of Hippy Feet said  “We’re not familiar with another program like this. We call it pop-up employment, based off of the idea of a pop up shop that we can bring jobs to where they’re most needed. In this case, it is young people experiencing homelessness in the Duluth area. But as a whole, we can take this on the road to wherever there’s a need,”

Life House said they love this program because it gives these kids a chance to make some money and is a good source of work experience down the road. Hippy Feet and Frost River too, say that the program is worthwhile because it allows them to give back to the community. Both companies hope that the jobs their socks create help them get back on their feet and work towards future goals. Both companies plan on more pop- up employment opportunities in the future. For more information click here.

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