One week out from the Husky refinery fire community leaders announced that they are hosting a public thank you event to recognize several groups that helped the community.

There will be a one hour program starting at 5:30 pm at Wessman Arena on  Friday, May 4th.

According to the announcement, Husky Emergency Response Team; Red Cross employees; City of Superior bus drivers, School Teachers, and Assistants; Police Officers; and Firefighters will be recognized for their service, sacrifice, and commitment to the City of Superior and its residents.

City of Superior Mayor Paine, Fire Chief Steve Panger, Police Chief Nicholas Alexander and Superintendent Janna Stevens will all speak. There will also be time to thank the individuals personally after the presentation.

“It seems fitting to hold a community thank you to all who made sacrifices last week on International Firefighters’ Day, May 4th. Firefighters from Superior and the local area exemplified dedication, commitment and sacrifice last week. We are indebted to their dedication to our community. In addition, there were numerous individuals and organizations, included Husky Emergency Response Team, School District of Superior employees, and other Public Safety officers, who deserve to be celebrated.” said Superior Mayor Jim Paine.

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