In the aftermath of the explosions and fire at the Husky Refinery in Superior on Thursday, April 26, a lot of valuable public information and updates have been shared by various government agencies and other authorities involved. In an effort to make it easier for the public to access this information, officials with Douglas County are pointing to a website information hub where anyone can access the most recent updates as well as earlier data related to the fire, cleanup, air and water quality, and other pertinent information.

This hub is a "living" site, with new updates posted as they become available. Some key things of interest available to the public include:

As of the time of this post, there is also a Q&A with Mayor Paine (seen here) regarding a number of issues related to the fire and aftermath of the incident. The Q&A addresses a number of different issues including air and water quality, questions related to harvesting locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as deer in the evacuation area, future plans at the refinery, and much more. This particular Q&A is dated May 3, 2018.

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