Becuase of the Husky Refinery fire, the Superior School District is making some changes to the school day for the remainder of the school year.

The district announced today that they will need to extend the length of the school day and extra 13 minutes to all grades and schools. The start time for each school will not change.

"We always book two snow days, or inclement weather days we call them," District Superintendent Janna Stevens told the Superior Telegram. "So on the third day, when we hit that, we know that we have to make up those minutes. I was holding out hope that perhaps the Department of Public Instruction, because it was an emergency evacuation, would waive the makeup of those minutes, but they've told us absolutely not."

Students were evacuated from schools during the school day on Thursday, April 26th and all schools remained closed on Friday because of the mandatory evacuation.


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