Husky Refinery has been awarded a "Corporate Safety Award" from the Wisconsin Safety Council. They describe Husky Refinery as having a slogan that "if it's not safe, we don't do it."

There were 85 applicants that put in for the corporate safety award.  According to the Wisconsin Safety Council's website, 71 companies then advanced to the second phase, where a panel of judges awarded winners for valuing their employees and ensuring their safety.

This all comes a month after most of the City of Superior was evacuated due to the refinery fire. While the emergency response teams in place did a great job containing the fire and preventing the nearby hydrogen fluoride tanks from exploding, the timing does seem a little unfortunate for a company that has been recognized for safety.

There were injuries in the incident, but no luckily no fatalities. Husky Refinery is holding a community update and open house on Tuesday, June 5th to discuss the incident and their plans moving forward.

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