B&B Market Catering and Quality Meats in Cloquet is now in the spotlight after an initial food donation has now sprung into the business being home-base for a food drive that has grown to $70,000 for people in need. With the COVID-19 Pandemic many people are out of work and in need of assistance.

John Lind, and his wife own B & B Market in Cloquet had a customer who stopped by last month and donated 100 pounds of ground beef to help families in need. It was his way of giving back to the community. A year and a half ago this gentleman's son was diagnosed with Leukemia and the whole community rallied around him and his family,  he said this was his way of paying it forward. John posted the feel good story on Facebook and soon they were inundated with donations.

Donations were coming from regular customers to complete strangers with money from $5.00 donations all the way up to $1,500 all to be put towards people who need it most  to buy food. Lind spoke with WCCO-CBS and said “Every day it seems to get more and more and more. It’s amazing how people who don’t have a lot, even they are coming in. There’s an older lady that came in the other day and doesn’t have a lot but she collects quarters. She donated $50 in quarters.”

11-year-old Amaija Halliand and her dad have been making masks for first responders and as a result she received monetary donations which she then donated all the money to B&B Market at a total of $1,000! So far B&B Market has received $70,000 in donations and has helped out 4,000 people. Their new goal is to raise $100,000. Lind said to WCCO-CBS: "It makes your heart feel good. People are recognizing it and like I said we couldn’t do it without the community support. It’s been unbelievable!"

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