For whatever reason there has been a big spike in break-ins of vehicles in Cloquet recently with police reporting 15 prowls in the last week. I have been the victim of car break-ins quite a few times since moving to Duluth and the thing is I never leave anything in my car, and always lock my doors, just wrong place at the wrong time I guess.

Here are some general tips that most of us know to hopefully prevent your vehicle from being prowled:

1.)Keep valuables out of sight. (Electronics, purses, bags, backpacks, wallets, cash, and car keys.) If you have to keep them in your car put them in your trunk or hide under your seats.

2) Park in areas where there are regular vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

3) Park in well-lit areas when possible.

4) Don’t leave your car running unattended.

5) Add a security alarm or use an anti-theft device.

6). Report any break-ins to the police as soon as possible

7.) Pay attention to your surroundings, look out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity. The police can only do so much, be the eyes and ears for your neighborhood.

8.) Go with your gut, if you park somewhere and it does not feel right then move your car.



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