I love this question, and I love that someone found out the answer.

FOX 21 News wondered, could a Zamboni resurface Lake Superior? They took the question to Jonathan Toutshek, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UWS and he says it would take just one Zamboni 682 years to complete the process.

But of course, that would mean the lake would thaw during the summer and Toutshek said, "you could never actually complete the task”.

He did say that if you managed to get an army of 250,000 Zambonis, you might be able to complete the task in a day.

A Michigan company,  Upper Peninsula Supply Co, also took a look at this problem and they figure it would take 693 years and the driver of the Zamboni would have driven 39,015,384 miles!

So basically, it's impossible and we should just stick to using Zambonis for ice rinks...normal ones.

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