Have you ever thought about neighborhoods having theme songs? I grew up in Duluth and every neighborhood is different. I decided to come up with theme songs for some of the bigger neighborhoods in the area. 


  • Central Hillside - 'Center of The Stage' (NSFW)

    Hillside is in the center of the Northland, so I had to go with T-Pain's 'Center of the Stage' off his 2011 album Revolver. Talking about a girl who was at the center of the stage and he fell in love. How could you not love the neighborhood located in the heart of Duluth?

  • Congdon - 'Rich Girl'

    Ah, the richest neighborhood in the area. I had to go with Hall & Oates' 1976 hit 'Rich Girl'. Because when life gets 'tough' in Congdon, you can always rely on the old man's money.

  • Duluth Heights - 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night'

    It's not summer all year round in Duluth, but there's just something about Jake Owen's 2011 hit that reminds me of Duluth Heights. Once this song comes on, I just close my eyes and picture friends getting together, drinking around the fire and having good times. There may be no long dirt roads in the Heights, but it's still the perfect fit.

  • East Side - 'The Good Life'

    I put Kenwood, Woodland, and Lakeside into this category. While it's not quite Congdon rich, it's a big step up from the West side.  The 2007 feel good song from future president Kanye West and T-Pain getting a solid feature depicts living in the east side perfectly.

  • Gary - 'Lookin' Out My Backdoor'

    Located in the far west part of town is the neighborhood of Gary. Nothing reminds me more of the hardworking Duluthians than CCR's 1970 classic. There's always something going on in Gary whether it's giants doing  cartwheels or creatures dancing happy in the lawn. Wait, maybe there's just something in the air in Gary.

  • Lincoln Park - 'Electric Avenue'

    Lincoln Park and the West End area receives Eddy Grant's biggest hit from 1982 'Electric Avenue' as their theme song. Even when things are tough growing up or in the area, there's a bright side to every dark alley. Keep ya head up and rock down to Electric Avenue.

  • Morgan Park - 'Allentown'

    My old middle school stomping grounds of Morgan Park. Back in the day Morgan Park had a steel plant that supported a lot of jobs in the area. The plant closed down for good in 1981 and the neighborhood fits perfectly with Billy Joel's 'Allentown' that came out in 1982. A song about the decline of the manufacturer industry.

  • Park Point - 'Margaritaville'

    Come live on Park Point to eat sponge cake, watch tourists swim, and sip on Margaritas all day long. Park Point is totally Jimmy Buffet's 'Margaritville' with the beach and Lake Superior in their backyard.

  • Piedmont - 'Pink Houses'

    Live the American dream in Piedmont where you make enough money to live comfortably, but not enough to be ritzy. With almost no space in between the houses and everyone is still nice enough to know everyone, you have John Mellencamp's 1983's hit 'Pink Houses'.

  • West Duluth - 'I Love This Bar'

    Whether you live in Spirit Valley, Irving, or even the Denfeld area, it's all good in West Duluth. With almost every stereotype in the book, I had to go with Toby Kieth's 2003 singalong song 'I Love This Bar'.

  • 'I Love College'

    Because Duluth is dubbed as a college town, I leave you with a little Asher Roth and his 2009 hit about living the college life.