This year will be the first year that The Tributefest will not offer a country night. One of the fan favorites will make an appearance, though.

House of Cash will again play this year and has been a fan favorite at the event and that is why they are back. In my opinion, he sounds like the real thing. He even writes originals that sound like Johnny Cash! That group was a featured band as part of a country night, which has been cut. Country Music is usually a huge draw in this area, but not for Tributefest, and the bottom line is the festival is being put on to raise money for homeless Vets.

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There is also one of the best Prince tribute bands showing up to entertain this year. Chas and Ovation have been lighting it up across the nation and will be a part of the main stage entertainment along with a Joan Jett and Pink Tribute, Rob Zombie, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Allman Brothers, just to name a few.

There is food and beverages, merchandise, meet and greets with some of the bands, and a good time. The bottom line is this whole even raises money for Homeless Vets and the organizers work close with MACV.

There are general admission and VIP tickets available with some wonderful food options for the VIP section. Those people who are Vets and currently serving, and their families can get free tickets at North Shore Federal Credit Union.

The event takes place from August 26th through the 28th. If you want to get your tickets before they sell out you can go to Also, they are still in need of volunteers for the event, if you are interested, please go to the Contact Page.

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