Erik Stolhanske is a Minnesota native and actor, writer and producer and member of the comedy group Broken Lizard. Stolhanske is coming to Bent Paddle in Duluth for a night of story telling and adventure.

Stolhanske grew up in Minneapolis and met his Broken Lizard companions Jay, Kevin, Paul, and Steve  at Colgate college. He is probably known best as 'Rabbit' from both 'Super Trooper' movies. Stolhanske will be at Vent Paddle in Duluth Wednesday September 26th, 2018. He'll share stories about making movies with the Broken Lizard team, including two of my favorites: 'Super Troopers' and 'Club Dread', plus more.

I finally got the chance to watch 'Super Troopers 2' the other night and I highly reccommend it. It picked up right where the first movie left off. This sounds like a great night to go enjoy some good local beer and hear hilarious stories from a fellow Minnesotan. Plus, the event is free at Bent Paddle Taproom this Wednesday from 8:30 - 9:30 pm.

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