Halo Top ice cream is a relatively new ice cream company that brands themselves as 'healthy' ice cream. The only way to find out if healthy ice cream is also good is to try some out yourself, right?

The big talking points for Halo Top is the calorie count. The entire pint of Vanilla Bean Halo Top ice cream is 240 calories. Now to compare, both Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Dazs pints of vanilla will run for 1000 calories. That's a pretty big swing for someone who loves ice cream and trying to keep the weight down. A writer for GQ even went as far as to only eat Halo Top ice cream for 10 days. He ended up losing weight!

So Nick Cooper and I had to see for ourselves what we were dealing with here. So we went to the Whole Foods in Duluth and picked up some for ourselves. Check out our review of Halo Top ice cream below!


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