Deb Thompson from Ham Lake is going to be known as the super bargain shopper from now on, her $3.99 cent Capri Pants purchase from a Coon Rapids Goodwill contained quite the treasure.

According to the Star Tribune, Thompson bought the pants and when she was trying them on at home, she felt something in the back pocket.

It was a diamond ring,  that was   appraised at over $5,000 ! But, it gets crazier. Thompson came forward and said she does not feel right keeping it so, she contacted the Goodwill store and told them what happened. Unfortunately for the original owner the store does not keep a data base on donations, so they posted a Lost and Found Facebook thread on Facebook.

So Far over 300 people had responded who lost a diamond ring.  If somehow the original owner is found you have to admire Deb's honesty, and I hope she has lots of good karma come her way.