As much as I love summer and complain constantly about winter, I am not a big fan of yard work and upkeep, but when you have a house you need to just do it!

I love these purple flowers as you can see in the picture above  Last year was the first year for them to bud and they lasted all summer, they are perennials. Here lies the problem, we have 3 of these plants or I should say had 3, one of them was destroyed by a summer storm. So here is my problem:

1.) I do not know what kind of flower this is? I thought I saved the tag it came with but apparently not. Do you know?

2.) If I do figure out what kind it is and plant it,  it won"t be at the same stage as the other two.

3,) Do I just pull up the other 2 plants and start over with different flowers so they all match?

4.) Get something different planted next to these original plants to break it up?

Please let me know what you think I should do in the comments section below. I will do a follow up blog when it gets warmer and I have it figured out.

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