Everyone loves a good 'kiss-cam' during a game, right? Maybe not. One kiss-cam couple at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game may be on the outs now! As the camera landed onto a couple watching the game, the man kept talking on his phone instead of kissing his girlfriend. Uh-oh!

The camera moves onto other couples before coming back to the couple for another shot at making out, but the guy keeps talking and the woman starts to get upset as her boyfriend holds up his hand to wave her away.

The kiss-cam returns for a third time and the boyfriend still is not interested. So the girlfriend grabs a nearby drink and throws it all over him as the crowd cheers her on. The mascot then escorts her out, and the guy follows. Chances are they're actors used to get the Fresno Grizzlies a little viral action, but it was pretty good!