In a press conference at the Public Safety Building in Duluth, representatives from the City of Duluth, St. Louis County, and Minnesota Power updated the public on a number of things, including progress in restoring power.

According to Amy Rutledge from Minnesota Power, there are still an estimated 44,000 customers out of power as of 3 pm Thursday. This is a significant improvement from the 70,000+ that were out of power this morning. Part of that 44,000 still out of power is the nearly one third of the City of Duluth, which still remains out of power.

The worst-hit areas in Duluth have shown to be the eastern portions of Duluth inclduing Kenwood, Woodland, Lakeside.

As crews continue to work, it is estimated that outlying areas and smaller towns should have power fully restored within 24 hours. Due to the extreme nature of the infrastructure damage in the City of Duluth, it is estimated it may be 2-4 days before power is fully restored.

Amsoil Arena and the Duluth YMCA and Superior YMCA are offering shelter from the heat with free wireless internet and water to keep cool and rejuvenate a little. Both YMCA locations are also offering free shower facilities. The DTA is offering free transit to the DECC for anyone who needs it.

Authorities remind the public to exercise caution when cleaning storm debris. If there are any power lines near or entangled in any storm debris or fallen trees, you should not attempt to cut or move the material. Any power line should be treated as a live power line.

The City of Duluth is still assessing how to handle storm debris. WLSSD generally accepts yard/vegetative debris, but is not capable of handling the volume of debris left by the storm.

Updated wind speeds measured during the storm have been provided:

  • 69 mph -Duluth Airport
  • 95 mph - Downtown Duluth Government Center
  • 72 mph - Ship on Lake Superior