Photo courtesy of: FtLaudGirl Via ThinkStock

I am a big believer in getting kids in swimming lessons as early as possible, not only for obvious safety reasons, but especially living in this area surrounded by lakes, and for many it is a huge part of  families lives being active in or near water.

Fortunately their are a variety of swimming programs in the Twin Ports for all ages of kids and at different prices.  I actually know of a few adults who do not know how to swim, and they have said they wished they would have learned how when they were younger, because now they are scared to try.

As a kid I loved to swim and actually started swimming competitively at the age of 6. To this day it is my favorite form of exercise and  on a hot summer day nothing beats a dip in the pool or lake.

Here in the Twin Ports I found a few resources of where swimming lessons are offered. Of course the most familiar would be YMCA of Duluth and Superior where members and non members alike can sign up for classes but I have also found some other options as well.

  1. YMCA of Duluth-Offers a variety of programs for all ages and skill levels. Again these classes are open to non-members but at a higher price. For more information Click Here
  2. YMCA of Superior- Again you have a ton of options to choose from based on the age of your child and skill level, both YMCAS offer adult and family lessons as well. For more information Click Here
  3. UMD's Learn to Swim Program-These swim lessons seemed to be the lowest price for a 2 week session and are held at UMD Campus pool. For more information Click Here
  4. Lake Superior Swim Club- The club uses the pools at Ordean and Lincoln Park Middle Schools and not only offers a huge variety of lessons, but also has  competitive swimming teams. This is a great resource for younger kids who want to compete. For more information Click Here
  5. Proctor Public Schools and Hermantown Community Schools-They also offer a variety of group swimming lessons at a very reasonable price. For more information Click Here

Many of the current sessions at these facilities are already full, so start planning ahead to get your kids or yourself signed up, so you can have a fun and safe summer season!